toxic dreams meet Classic Circus Berlin

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It was a chance encounter on a slow day. We were already on our way out of St. Johann in Tirol, when a blue and white circus tent appeared in the rearview mirror of our RV. As a traveling troupe, we just couldn’t resist to meet the real guys. Luckily, we were admitted to the second half of their Saturday afternoon show and not before long Susanne found herself co-starring in Clown Pompom’s car-driving routine.

The circus people were great sports and the entertainment was very obviously mutual. After the show, Pompom invited us to his trailer for coffee and, being originally from Hungary, related some stories about clown training and clown theaters in former eastern Europe. It was a friendly, somewhat brotherly encounter. Meeting them completely changed our day, our mood, our conversations afterwards.

The circus moved to the next town the following Monday, we continued our journey to our next appartements on the same day. We have one more week to go, and then settle back in to our other lives. They don’t know which city will host them in two weeks, and their vagrant life continues. (z)

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